Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Adc Leather Golf Shoe Review

An Instant Classic

When it comes to their equipment, golfers want it all. Golf shoe reviews tend to focus on functionality, performance, and comfort for good reason. Each attribute contributes to the decision to purchase any piece of equipment, and to the level of satisfaction with a product after purchase. Golf shoes are no different from clubs or golf balls when it comes to a golfer’s expectations. Closets around the world are filled with dusty golf shoes that failed to live up to their end of the bargain.

Ashworth golf shoes are renowned for their style, comfort, and playability. When Ashworth introduced the Cardiff ADC in 2012, it kicked off a trend in street shoe/golf shoe hybrid styling that continues to permeate the sport.

Now in its second iteration, the Ashworth Cardiff ADC (All Day Cushioning) is recognized as one of the best spikeless golf shoes on the market. Ashworth meant for its flagship shoe to be stylish on and off the course, while providing peak performance during the swing. Performance, though, is a golf shoe’s ultimate purpose.

Golf shoes (or golf cleats) are an integral part of a golfer’s equipment, not just stylish protection for the foot. A shoe cannot make a golf swing, but it can break it. It must inspire confidence and keep the foot locked in place. Side-to-side sway will destroy your swing and, if left unchecked, cause compensatory moves that can become swing-wrecking habits. Does the Ashworth ADC live up to its promise?

All Day Cushioning = All Day Comfort

Since their release, the Cardiff ADCs have remained a popular choice in golf shoes for men. Being the first to provide off-course wearable shoes, Ashworth had few competitors. But, as more companies have joined the bandwagon, the Cardiff has remained a top contender in this market niche. There are several reasons for Ashworth’s success with this model.

The Ashworth Cardiff ADC is a spikeless golf shoe with a soft, tumbled-leather upper, and has the added benefit of being wearable off the golf course. Rather than traditional soft spikes, the Cardiff ADC utilizes protruding lugs that have a low profile and are intended to duplicate the traction benefits of spikes while still allowing them to be worn on hard, everyday surfaces. The out-sole on the Cardiff ADC utilizes polyurethane at the mid-sole to provide flex at this critical section of the foot during the swing, while also lending strength to the sole for arch support. Ashworth’s use of polyurethane is more obtrusive than, say, this ECCO Cage Pro, producing a more casual golf shoe.

The Cardiff ADC offers one of the widest fore sections available in a golf shoe. Intended to provide stability to counteract the dynamic forces of the golf swing, this width also enhances the comfort of Cardiff ADV so feet stay comfortable throughout a multiple-hour round of golf.

The Cardiff ADCs are waterproof golf shoes, meant to keep you dry should inclement weather rear its ugly head. The attractive leather uppers provide the moisture resistance. Despite being supple, though, the leather is thick and tough to provide gradual wear.

In pursuit of comfort, Ashworth opted to utilize OrthoLite’s polyurethane sock liner. The liner is intended to wick moisture from the foot while providing waterproof and antimicrobial properties. OrthoLite has a business relationship with many of the top brands in sports, so this feature is more than just lip service.

Function and performance are important, but a golf shoe needs to look good to inspire confidence. Style is a personal thing, but the Cardiff ADC has a sleek, modern look. It is available in a wide variety of colors (including the ever-classic black golf shoes) to accommodate most tastes and outfits. Most of the options are neutral, though, so clashing colors should not be an issue. You can see the full range of colors and get these shoes at a reasonable price here.

The Good

Wide golf shoes provide a solid platform for your swing. If you often find your feet feeling cramped by the time you make the turn, the wider-than-normal insole in the Cardiff ADCs can help alleviate the ache.

The fair-weather golfer may have no need for a waterproof design, but those who play in all conditions and/or walk the course need comfort, performance, and protection. Being stylish while providing waterproof performance is a feather in the Cardiff ADC’s cap.

Golf shoes are an investment, and Ashworth backs up the Cardiff ADC with a two-year waterproof warranty.

• OrthoLite liner keeps feet dry and fresh

• Modern styling always looks nice

• Two-year waterproof warranty

• Functional on the course / stylish off

The Bad

Though a great shoe, the Cardiff ADC is not perfect. The lugs that give them versatility will eventually wear out, especially if worn on concrete often. And, unlike soft spikes, they are not replaceable. While they provide excellent traction, the lugs still do not provide the stability of traditional spikes, and a lack of breathability can mean hot feet, especially as the weather gets warmer into summer.

• Soft lugs are not replaceable

• Lack of breathability makes for a hot foot

• Lacks the traction of traditional spikes

The Beautiful

When it comes to equipment in the game of golf, there is a simple formula: comfort + performance = confidence. In turn, being confident during your swing equates to success. The ideal golf shoe will become invisible during the swing, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand while supporting the movements you are making. The Ashworth Cardiff ADC accomplishes these goals beautifully.

Compared to the more outlandish Puma Ignite, the subdued styling of the Cardiff ADC is at home on the course or off it. And, as opposed to a casual golf shoe like the Adidas Adicross, the Cardiff ADC is both stylish and waterproof.

The Cardiff ADC is one of the most comfortable shoes you can find. Its waterproof technology will make it your go-to shoe when the weather is iffy and your tee time is approaching. And its modern styling will ensure that it will not be dated in a few years.

The golf shoe has evolved, and the saddle tops of yesteryear are becoming dinosaurs. Many of the best-sellers now resemble any other athletic shoe and can be worn in areas of life besides the course.

Ashworth’s core idea of a multi-purpose golf shoe has grown into a category all its own. But, looking good and being useful does not make a golf shoe function well. The trick was to build such a golf shoe around a platform that benefits the golf swing, and Ashworth pulled it off admirably. The Ashworth Men’s Cardiff Adc Leather Golf Shoe is an innovation that has proven itself on the course, and that is the main reason for its ongoing success.