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Spikeless Vs. Spiked Golf Shoes -

Spikeless Vs. Spiked Golf Shoes: Which One to Choose?

In order to help you come fully prepared to get the most out of your performance, we have reviewed spikeless vs spiked golf shoes. Read on to find out which ones will suit your needs, as well as what the benefits of golf shoes are in the first place!

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How To Clean Golf Shoes -

How To Clean Golf Shoes: Tips and Tricks

Buying the right golf shoes is one thing; taking care of them is another. Proper shoes are quite expensive, especially leather ones, so you will want to invest extra time in ensuring optimal condition and durability. Therefore, here are a couple of tips on how to clean golf shoes!

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Best Disc Golf Shoes -

Best Disc Golf Shoes of 2020: Top 5 Recommendations

There are a couple of different types of disc golf shoes, including leather, synthetic, and Gore-tex shoes. We have prepared a list of the best disc golf shoes manufactured by reputable brands according to the latest industry standards. Let’s take a look!

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Top 5 Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 2020: List & Reviews

As a golfer, you must know that you need to have the correct golfing gear. Most golfers tend to give a lot more attention to the club, forgetting that their footwear is equally important. The need for your feet to be comfortable during the sport can’t be overemphasized. Given that you may walk up to five miles during an 18-hole round, your golf shoes must meet some certain standards. Comfort, size, and style are the most common factors to look at when buying a pair of shoes. However, when it comes to golf shoes, don’t forget to check that they are waterproof.

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Best Golf Shoes for Walking

Top 5 Best Golf Shoes for Walking to Buy in 2020

More and more people are choosing to walk through the golf course during games, rather than using golf carts to traverse the course. Walking through a golf course provides great exercise, in addition to allowing players to relax and take in the fine weather. But with or without a golf cart, you’ll still do plenty of walking as the game proceeds. Every exercise guru will tell you that your walking shoes are just as important as the walk itself. With improper footwear, each step taken adds undesirable pressure to your spine and the soles of your feet.

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Nike FI Impact Men’s Golf Shoe Review

Incredible Comfort, Performance, and Style Golf shoes are golf shoes, and athletic shoes are athletic shoes, and never the twain shall meet. That line of thinking is as outdated as wooden woods and balata. The modern golf shoe must support and enable an athletic swing. In keeping with that theme, this golf shoe review will […]

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Top 10 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2020 (List & Reviews)

The spikeless golf shoe is a relative newcomer to the equipment market, but it has gained a lot of traction. It offers the golfer a more casual look than either traditional golf shoes or the modern, heavily spiked tour-type shoe. Its benefits, though, extend beyond mere fashion.Best Spikeless Golf Shoes for Men 2020To help ease […]

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Top 10 Best Golf Shoes For Men 2020 (Guide & Reviews)

While there are many reasons to take up golf, most people play the sport for relaxation and enjoyment. Treading around the course in-between holes offers golfers temporary reprieve from the daily grind, and many great opportunities for socialization with family, friends, and business partners. While some players enjoy renting golf carts, health-conscious golfers take the […]

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Cleats or Casual? The Spikeless Golf Shoe Revolution

Spikeless Golf Shoes or Spikes? The modern golf shoe has evolved to include several subcategories, with each having its own place in the pantheon of golf equipment. Metal spikes first entered the game in the late 1800s. Then, plastic spikes took over and dominated the golf shoe market for decades. Their main advantage lay in […]

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Space Age Performance: FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoe Review

Mesh in a Cage One truism in golf is that, in equipment, everything changes every year, but it still stays the same. So, golf shoe reviews tend to focus on the “latest and greatest.” One of the driving forces behind this omnipresent push for new technology is the equipment junkie with deep pockets who can […]

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