Space Age Performance: FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoe Review

Mesh in a Cage

One truism in golf is that, in equipment, everything changes every year, but it still stays the same. So, golf shoe reviews tend to focus on the “latest and greatest.” One of the driving forces behind this omnipresent push for new technology is the equipment junkie with deep pockets who can afford to risk funds on the newest model of anything, simply replacing it with something even newer should the equipment not produce results. For the more frugal minded, though, something like the FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes might look like a good option. The new Hyperflex II (available here) are now on store shelves, which means the original Hyperflex, one of the best-rated golf shoes of 2016, are going for reduced prices here.

Buying models from previous years can bring tremendous savings. And, when a piece of equipment has been around for a few years, the vigilant golfer can research, doing due diligence to be sure his money is well-spent. New-to-the-market equipment can be a crapshoot.

The original Hyperflex have been top-rated golf shoes ever since their introduction. They bridge a gap between traditional golf shoes and athletic, mesh-type shoes that only FootJoy seems to have noticed existed. FootJoy is known for making some of the most comfortable golf shoes, and with the Hyperflex, appears to have produced some of the best waterproof golf shoes as well. Do the Hyperflex live up to the hype?

Space-Age Amenities

The overriding feature of the FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex Golf Shoes is the exoskeleton, which FootJoy calls the FlexGrid 2.0 — you can’t miss it. This rigid, composite material gives a solid structure to the shoes. Even the best golf shoes are prone to stretching out, which reduces stability, but FootJoy claims the FlexGrid will not stretch. Beneath the exoskeleton is the mesh upper that gives the Hyperflex its athletic-shoe appearance. The mesh is both waterproof and breathable, and FootJoy backs it up with a two-year waterproof guarantee, bettering many top-rated golf shoes.

One of the problems of a mesh, running-style shoe in golf is that, because the mesh is elastic, the foot tends to slide around on the insole during the swing. With the lateral, dynamic forces placed on the feet in both back and through swings, stability in a shoe is mandatory — and better players demand it. The Hyperflex may look like it will suffer this fatal flaw, but that’s where the FlexGrid comes into play. It is as stable as any of the best-rated golf shoes, plus waterproof and breathable, with cushioning that makes it one of the best golf shoes for walking.

The Hyperflex’s competition includes the best waterproof golf shoes, but it holds its own. FootJoy also intended it to be one of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market, thanks to the Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) 2.0 cushioning soles. The combination of sole/insole in the Hyperflex provides a rounded toe area like in more wide golf shoes, but the width gradually tapers to a narrower heel to lock the heel in place for stability. Some claim that the Hyperflex become uncomfortable during play. Others, though, cite the Hyperflex as one of the most comfortable golf shoes for walking, so the disparity in opinions may be due to varying foot widths.

The Hyperflex come with Soft Spike’s Tornado golf cleats installed, in addition to small, protruding lugs. The Tornadoes are grippy golf cleats, providing excellent traction in all phases of the swing. Longevity may become an issue for those who walk the course, though, especially if you spend much time on concrete. But, the Hyperflex has made its mark as one of the most comfortable golf shoes, and comfort breeds success. Any issues with the spikes can be remedied with a simple replacement.

Nutshell Analysis

The Hyperflex are among the best golf shoes for men. They are light-weight and comfortable, never feeling squishy underfoot. Incorporating the styling of mesh athletic shoes with stability to match the best-rated golf shoes, the Hyperflex are hybrids that surpass their inspiration. And, their reduced, close-out prices make them a must-have.


  • Lightweight
  • Firm yet comfortable cushioning
  • Mesh style but stability of leather
  • Waterproof (Two-year warranty)
  • Reduced pricing

A common complaint for Hyperflex users is that they are narrow-feeling, a typical complaint about FootJoy shoes. The Hyperflex will never be wide golf shoes, but there are wide sizes available, and they are some of the best golf shoes for walking if you have narrower feet.  The price is right for the Hyperflex these days, but supplies are limited and not all colors are available in all sizes.


  • Color options becoming limited
  • Narrow, tight fit for some users
  • Availability issues

They Grow on You

The FootJoy Men’s Hyperflex golf shoes represent a rare achievement, even for that great equipment company. FootJoy achieved a new shoe type with the best attributes of several pre-existing ones. The combination of comfort and stability in the Hyperflex is commendable, making it one of the best men’s golf shoes available. (Check out this Golf Digest article to see why stability counts.)

Ultimately, though, men who play golf should be looking for performance. This is where the Hyperflex differentiates themselves among the best men’s golf shoes. Their wide, well-cleated soles provide a solid platform, and their resistance to lateral forces helps eliminate sway in the swing. They help you stay planted and swinging around a solid core. (Here is a good tip from the Golf Channel for defeating sway.)

As an investment, the Hyperflex are hard to beat. The polymer material in the exoskeleton increases their usable life span, meaning they will be an asset to your game for a long time to come. Those looking for truly wide golf shoes may want to look elsewhere, but with wide sizing available, the Hyperflex should benefit most golfers. They have already earned their place as some of the most comfortable golf shoes, and some of the best golf shoes for men at any price.