Top 5 Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 2020: List & Reviews

As a golfer, you must know that you need to have the correct golfing gear. Most golfers tend to give a lot more attention to the club, forgetting that their footwear is equally important. The need for your feet to be comfortable during the sport can’t be overemphasized.

Given that you may walk up to five miles during an 18-hole round, your golf shoes must meet some certain standards. Comfort, size, and style are the most common factors to look at when buying a pair of shoes. However, when it comes to golf shoes, don’t forget to check that they are waterproof.

Check to see that the pair you buy is made to dry out quickly. Additionally, they shouldn’t become saturated in case the ground is soggy from a storm or just slightly wet. Wet shoes will make your feet cold and this will affect your performance.

Many golf shoes promise to keep water out. Here are a few among the best waterproof golf shoes you want to consider buying.

Comparison Chart

Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

New Balance Men’s Minimus SL Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men’s Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

PUMA Golf Men’s Grip Fusion Golf Shoe

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes Reviews

Searching for the best waterproof golf shoes can take a lot of your time if you don’t know where to start. It might also be a trial-and-error affair where you buy shoes just to find out they’re not the best fit. You can avoid this hustle by checking reviews of some of the golf shoes available on the market.

Many golf shoes promise to keep water out but they don’t live up to the standard. Here are a few among the best brands you'll want to consider buying. After reading this review, you can make an informed choice depending on the pros and cons of each.

Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

The Sketcher’s Men Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe is a great pair of golf shoes that adds style and comfort to your game. The fit is always spot-on as the design provides a seamless finish. Besides being comfortable and stylish, the upper parts of the shoes feature a leather-look finish and a classic design.

The making of the shoe ensures that water doesn’t penetrate it. This keeps your feet dry and comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. As lightweight golf footwear, the Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoes feels comfortable with every step. This pair also features an insole made from Goga Max technology and responsive ultra-light cushioning.


The Skechers Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe comes with extra protection that makes it highly waterproof. The H2GO shield offers protection to keep your feet dry and comfortable. For added comfort as you step, the shoes feature a molded rubber outsole plate.

The plate functions by providing you with a good grip on the ground in a way that keeps you balanced. On the bottom of the shoe are replaceable soft spikes for improved traction on all types of terrain.

According to the TWG moisture rating, the ability of the shoe to keep moisture away makes it ideal for all conditions. It’s available in all sizes, meaning you’ll never have a hard time finding the right fit.


  • 1-year waterproof warranty
  • Available in all sizes and three colours
  • Spiked rubber outsole for added traction
  • Ultra-lightweight shoes that help to stabilize the body of the golfer 
  • Designed to be super-comfortable


  • Some users don’t like the glued-in innersole
  • The synthetic upper isn’t durable

New Balance Men's Minimus SL Waterproof Spikeless Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's golf shoes are among the products from the New Balance brand. They allow you to play your best in comfort and style since they’re lightweight. The shoes also create additional support as they're highly responsive to the cushioning the REVlite midsole provides.


The technologies behind these golf shoes all work together to ensure your maximum comfort. For maximum durability, the New Balance applies NDurance technology to ensure the best utility in high wear areas.

For ultra support and comfortable fit, the uppers are made using FantomFit technology. This produces a skeletally engineered finish created by intertwining two thin materials. No sewing is required in the process.

A third application is an Ortholite technology that provides long-lasting cushioning. Made from polyurethane, the insoles exhibit proprietary performance. They provide durable cushioning, inhibit the growth of fungus, and allow free airflow for more relaxed feet.

The upper sides of the shoes are made from microfiber leather with enhanced support for extra stability. The microfiber also serves to ensure that water doesn’t penetrate. The outsole is without spikes, but its design is such that it provides you with ample traction and versatility.

It ensures that you maintain your balance and stability while on the golf course.


  • 2-year waterproof warranty
  • Ultralight feel with sporty appeal
  • Cool and dry comfort
  • Spikeless shoes that provide the same stability during swings as traditional spiked golf shoes
  • Easy to clean without damaging them 


  • The bottom of the shoes comes off with a few wears
  • Too narrow for wide feet
  • Produce noise while walking

Skechers Men's Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

You can’t go wrong with the Skechers Men's Mojo Shoes. They combine a sleek, sporty look with a lot of sophistication. The level of comfort and traction ensures that you’re well-grounded on a wet golf course.

The spikeless outsole comes with superior flexibility, offering you the much-desired freedom of movement.


The Skechers Men's Mojo Golf Shoe will appeal to you more than you expect. It was introduced into the market a few years back with some new technologies not offered by other golf shoes. Even though the Sketchers brand is fast losing its reputation, it did a good job with the Mojo golf shoe.

It serves to bridge the gap between Sketcher’s top-level Pro range, and the dive range. The Pro range is ideally suitable for Tour players, while the Drive range is more for on-and-off course play.

The main new technology in the Mojo shoe is in the way the outsole is designed. The Gripflex spikeless approach is a desirable feature that provides an even grip across the shoe. It also makes the shoes feel lightweight both to hold and to wear.

Another notable difference between Mojo and other shoe types has to do with the design of the uppers. While most other shoes are made of synthetic fiber, Mojo is made from full-grain leather. This helps keep you level on the ground while preventing any discomfort around the arch of the foot.

The shoe also features H2Go Shield that ensures 100% protection from external moisture. You can hence comfortably use the shoes in wet conditions or dry weather for more versatility.

The impressive Ultraflight cushioning, also known as UltraGo, is there to provide a comfortable walk. Together with the Resamax insole, your shoe will shield you from the discomfort that comes with long walks. It meets one of the important features of a well-made pair of shoes.

Unlike some modern shoes, the cushioning won’t leave you feeling as though you’re detached from the ground. It has a profile low enough to ensure your comfort while allowing you to use the field to your advantage during the swing.

The plain black finish makes the shoes look sleek and understated. The waterproof shield works well without even the slightest leakage. You might expect the vent hold on the top of the shoe to allow water through, but they don’t.

Instead, they increase the breathability of the shoes and let your feet stay dry and comfortable. The laces on these shoes are among the best you’ll come across with golf shoes. They are elastic, thick, and highly waterproof, which makes them easy to use.

On their downside, the shoes aren’t a good fit for wide feet. This can be a little disappointing for some people who’d prefer something that doesn’t fit so snugly.


  • High level of breathability which is above other shoes on the list
  • One of the most comfortable golf shoes
  • Smart and sleek design
  • Good value for money
  • High quality laces and tongue


  • No very suitable for wet weather
  • Available in medium sizes
  • Comes with no color options

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe

One of the innovations by ECCO in 2018 was the ECCO Men's 3 Gore-tex Golf Shoe. It is the next generation of hybrid golf shoes based on Biom Hybrid 3. The engineering behind it is to help you win at your golf game.

It is designed with comfort and performance in mind, keeping you covered so that you give your best shot. The shoe is also known for its 100% guarantee in keeping moisture away.


The Biom Natural Motion technology behind the making of the shoe offers flexibility with every step you take. The construction is based on Gore-Tex, an approach to golf shoemaking that keeps your feet protected from unpredictable conditions. The Ortholite inlay soles cushion your feet as you stroll around the course.

As you wear the shoes, you’re assured of three zones that help you get a full swing during your game. These zones are stability, durability, and rotational support based on Tri-Fit-Grip technology.

The uppers of the shoes are made from Yak leather, a material that provides great breathability and promises durability.

The Bion Natural Motion technology helps you remain firmly grounded on the course. The anatomical shape of the shoes provides the best fit and motion. Unlike other golf shoes reviewed here earlier, ECCO men's footwear comes with a Freedom Fit feature.

This means that it offers one universal width with enough room for the toes to spread. According to the TGW moisture rating, the shoes are recommended for all wet conditions for their ability to withstand moisture. Their light weight of 13.05 oz. means your feet won't have to endure any excess weight.

The inner sole is removable, a factor that serves to give you the best fit. Once removed, it creates an extra half-size worth of space.

Read full review here.


  • Very comfortable golf shoe with good grip and stability
  • Great breathability thanks to Yak Leather
  • Durable thanks to GORE-TEX or HYDROMAX constructions
  • Attractive and stylish golf shoes that deliver an attractive blend of traditional golf shoe looks with a sporting edge


  • Produces odd noise while walking
  • Poorly made and feels too wide to some people

PUMA Men's Grip Fusion Golf Shoe

As you take a look at other men's golf shoes, don't forget Puma Fusion Golf Shoe. It is designed to bring your comfort to the next level, using two special foam technologies. The uppers are made from microfiber that offers full protection in any weather.

The foam layer between the insole and the midsole provides you with unrivaled cushioning. They're also built with a shape that offers more space for your foot for all-day comfort.


PUMA men’s golf shoe is made using two foam technologies that enhance its waterproof capabilities. The FusionFoam design utilizes super-soft EVA foam combined with ultra-responsive rubber. This combination is meant to increase the level of cushioning, which in turn gives you all-day comfort.

The SoftFoam dual-density insole is made using two-layer technique. It is meant to provide you with extra cushioning for customized comfort, perfect fit, and enhanced durability.

One thing about this pair of shoes is the high level of organic traction it offers. The sole relies on strategically-designed lugs inspired by nature. They're well situated in their proper zones for increased traction and grip throughout your golf swing.

The uppers of the shoes are made from microfiber. As with most shoes made from this material, PUMA provides a great fit and feels very comfortable while offering waterproof protection. Don’t miss the Grip Comfort Last feature that creates a rounded shape of the shoe.

With this shape, the shoe can accommodate almost all feet sizes and shapes. It also adds more volume for a better fit and ultimate comfort. The TWG Moisture Rating of the shoe shows that it can best be used in all weather conditions.


  • Durable golf shoe that can stay with you no matter how many hours you're on the course
  • Comfortable golf shoe that will never hurt your feet
  • Versatile grip with great stability
  • 1-year waterproof warranty


  • Poor quality microfiber
  • Not designed for golf pros


Having the right pair of shoes on the golf course is one of the factors that determine your success rate. Apart from getting the right size, you also must consider other essential factors when buying shoes. One of these is their ability to keep water out and your feet dry and comfortable.

While there are many brands that promise to be highly waterproof, only a few match the standards. Among them are Skechers Men's Torque, New Balance Men's Minimus, Skechers Men's Mojo, ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 3, and PUMA Men's Grip Fusion.

The technologies behind the shoes promise nothing but comfort, durability, and the perfect fit. Most of them are made from insoles that keep your feet light, without losing touch with the ground. The outsoles are also well designed to ensure you maintain your traction.

Whether you’re playing on a sunny, rainy, or cold day, these are shoes you can rely on to keep your feet well grounded.