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Spikeless Vs. Spiked Golf Shoes -

Spikeless Vs. Spiked Golf Shoes: Which One to Choose?

In order to help you come fully prepared to get the most out of your performance, we have reviewed spikeless vs spiked golf shoes. Read on to find out which ones will suit your needs, as well as what the benefits of golf shoes are in the first place!

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How To Clean Golf Shoes -

How To Clean Golf Shoes: Tips and Tricks

Buying the right golf shoes is one thing; taking care of them is another. Proper shoes are quite expensive, especially leather ones, so you will want to invest extra time in ensuring optimal condition and durability. Therefore, here are a couple of tips on how to clean golf shoes!

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Cleats or Casual? The Spikeless Golf Shoe Revolution

Spikeless Golf Shoes or Spikes? The modern golf shoe has evolved to include several subcategories, with each having its own place in the pantheon of golf equipment. Metal spikes first entered the game in the late 1800s. Then, plastic spikes took over and dominated the golf shoe market for decades. Their main advantage lay in […]

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How to Choose Golf Shoes for Men

How to Choose The Best Golf Shoes for Men in 2020

There are many reasons a golfer might choose to walk the course rather than ride in a cart. He may be interested in burning extra calories, which walking does much better than riding. Or, he may prefer the extra time to size up his shots as he approaches his ball in the fairway. He may […]

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Men’s Golf Shoes Ratings

Men’s Golf Shoes Ratings for 2020

A good pair of golf shoes is one that allows you to enjoy your time on the course. Comparison between golf shoes vs. regular shoes indicates that golf shoes can provide additional comfort and support that regular shoes don’t have when navigating a golf course. There are a wide variety of golf shoes in stores […]

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