TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers Review

TRUE Linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers Review

Better Design, Better Features

The TRUE brand has vastly improved their golf shoe designs using new technologies to provide a great pair of shoes that are comfortable and capable for golfers on and off the course. The brand has aggressively and competitively changed the shape of their shoes—keeping up with trends and giving golfers plenty of options. TRUE likes to keep their lineup interesting and often adds to features to their shoes.

Comfort has always been the main theme of TRUE. The zero-drop characteristics of their shoes give you real comfort and pleasure when playing golf, simply because your feet won’t hurt. With TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei golf sneakers, you don’t even have to wear socks.

TRUE Company has built their golf shoe around the human foot– so the heel and the toe are on the same level. The width of the shoe also corresponds to the natural dimensions of the foot, making the shoe even more comfortable. TRUE shoes will keep your stride at a natural angle.

The shoe is also designed to provide all the stability and breathability that a golfer needs during his or her course on trails, at the gym, or wherever life takes you. You can wear it during your golf sessions and still use them for workouts.

TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers have turned out to be the most versatile golf shoe on the market due to their flexibility.

This golf shoe is also available in a wide range of colors to fit every golfer’s personality and style.


This shoe has Ergo-traction outsole protection, w hich provides the maximum support and stability available for your feet. With this shoe, you can play on uneven grounds with no worries. It also doesn’t slip around on wet surfaces.

The breathable tongue allows ventilation thus keeping your feet dry. It also prevents any build-up of sweat, which would lead to the development of fungus, infection, and bad odor. Also, the insole material holds the feet firmly preventing it from moving side to side during the swing.

The upper part of the shoe is made of a waterproof material that protects your feet from getting wet especially when playing in the morning. The material is durable so that it serves you for a much longer time than other golf shoes.

Playing golf with heavy shoes is tedious and makes you exhausted quickly. However, with TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf sneakers, you get the benefits of wearing lightweight shoes.

The shoe has a rubber sole, which helps to improve traction and multidirectional movement. It has a magnificent inner sole that allows your feet to move freely and naturally. It also aids at enhancing flexibility when worn so you can move, jump and change positions freely.


  • The most outstanding feature of this shoe is the comfort level. The shoe is designed with a zero drop characteristic, which gives you excellent comfort and keeps you free from strain.
  • Has a breathable tongue that keeps your feet dry and comfortable
  • Offers good traction to keep the feet stationary in the golf stance
  • Made of waterproof material
  • The shoe has a wider toe box thus a great option for individuals with wider feet.
  • The shoe is multipurpose since you can wear it while running, jogging or for your workouts in the gym


  • Since the shoe has a wider toe box, it may feel wider if your feet are narrow. Be careful when picking out the size. Try them on before buying, if you can.
  • The cushioning of the shoe is minimal which can cause the feet to move from side to side during a golf swing.


With a wide range of competitors in the market, TRUE Company has remained relevant in the manufacture of golf shoes. It has incorporated new technologies that offer the most comfortable shoe one can own.

Comfort and stability have been protected by the zero drop features, which keeps your feet closer to the ground. The traction is also improved to keep you balanced during the swing.

To prevent sweaty feet, which would cause discomfort, TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers have a breathable tongue that allows air circulation and keeps your feet dry. This also adds comfort and prevents the development of fungus infection.

These shoes also give value to your money since their prices are affordable and of high quality. Thus, buying this shoe will be an added advantage.

Apart from wearing them in the golf field, you can also use the TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers in the gym or for long distance running. These shoes will serve you in numerous ways without degrading their durability.

If you happen to have wider feet, this is the shoe for you since it has a wider toe box that gives room for your toes to splay out and feel sturdy. You also don’t have to look for a half bigger size shoe as it is the case with other golf shoes.